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Road-hauling is the backbone of our organization. USKO’s fleet and affiliated networks provide coast to coast transportation services. We pick up and deliver at any location including ports, railyards, airports, hubs and households.


For expedited cargoes and urgent situations we send packages through dedicated existing air-bridges, with the capability to render a quick turn-around on your shipment. In certain situations, cargo plane charters may be secured to get your goods into difficult to reach places in a timely manner.



Our network extends past US borders. We arrange FCL and LCL shipments to every major port worldwide. Our affiliated international partners operate under USKO principles, meaning clients will continue to benefit from excellent customer service and carriage reliability irrespective of global locality.



Consistency is a valuable commodity when hauling goods long distances. Recognizing that intermodal transits maximize shipping lane capacity, minimize cost and guarantee reliable delivery of their products, USKO Logistics has expanded its network to incorporate well-established experts within the drayage & rail industries. Utilizing access to over 45 on-ramp facilities, we truly connect the coasts in a fast, secure and reliable manner.


Cargo Carried

Pallet Goods

Even though palletized goods are the most common form of packing in freight transportation, mistakes can be made due to complacency. At USKO we diligently focus on smart loading, cargo positioning & securing, as well as a standard quality of care when it comes to your shipment.

Raw Materials

Often referred to as Bulk or granular materials, these shipments do not have additional packaging to protect the carried goods, which can include gravel, grain, ore, woodchips, etc.
Our main focus is to ensure that the product retains its grade without
any contamination of impurities,
and to limit the occurrence of
spillage or wastage.

Auto Hauling

Whether brand new or wrecked, we haul vehicles across the United States and also arrange recovery services in select regions. Transportation is performed with the utmost care towards the vehicles, especially when it comes to premium, unique or exotic cars. USKO now also offers auction pick-up services.


When there is insufficient cargo for a full container, railcar or truckload, USKO Logistics will orchestrate and apply the most cost-efficient & time beneficial methods to utilize FCL / LCL or FTL / LTL modes of transportation.

Delivery Van
Expedited Items

Time sensitive and time specific door to door deliveries are our forte. Utilizing convenient air-bridges and onward road transits, our dedicated USKO Expedited division will punctually deliver your goods to any destination.

Refrigerated Perishables

There is no room for mistakes when transporting perishable goods. USKO drivers facilitate a preloading cool down to ensure that temperatures are controlled throughout the loading process. We use alarmed reefers and temperature monitoring procedures (such as pulping) to maintain food safety and product preservation.

Oversized Load.jpg
Abnormal Loads

Not all cargoes were created equal, and some instances require oversize transportation solutions. When handling over-dimensional and heavy-lift shipments, we focus on reducing downtime & transit damage while complying with project deliverables & schedules. Where necessary, supporting assets are engaged and deployed to accompany such shipments.

Cargo Containers
General Cargo

With variable sizes, dimensions and volume, general cargo goods require a unique and sometimes gentle approach to set up the transportation chain. Utilizing our intermodal partner network, specialized quality controls and traffic management, we strive to complete shipments on schedule and damage-free.

Medicine Prescription
Pharmaceuticals & Medical Equipment

In these difficult times the ongoing movement of pharma products, vitamins, medical supplies and medical equipment is of paramount necessity for the welfare of millions. USKO prioritizes these types of shipments utilizing specialized
expedited secure storage containers to ensure that these essentials reach their destinations promptly - no matter how remote the location.

Warehouse Shelves
Inbound Consolidation & Outbound Deconsolidation

Our network of distribution and warehousing centers expand across the entire United States. Any consolidation or fragmentation of cargo is handled by efficient specialists who are meticulous in maintaining accuracy, and our partners with warehousing centers prioritize loads shipped with us.
You can leave all the heavy lifting to USKO - we provide the full logistical chain under one roof.

Cargo Carried
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